Acree Technologies Inc.

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Erosion Resistant Coatings

Acree Technologies has developed erosion resistant coatings that are extremely effective against airborne particle impact, erosion and wear. The coatings were optimized using Finite Element (FE) computer modeling, and they consist of a very hard and tough ceramic multilayer coating system. The coatings have been tested extensively for erosion resistance under a wide variety of particle impact angles and speeds on a number of substrates. The coatings are thin, so dimensional tolerances are not affected. Because of their hardness, toughness and ease of application, these coatings can be used on virtually any component suffering from erosion or wear. Complex shapes can be coated because Acree uses a specialized non-line-of-sight coating process. Any turbine engine or rotary compressor that suffers from erosion due to airborne particle impact will benefit from these coatings.

Lift fans before during after coating


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